House Concerts/Rules and Regulations

Freebo in Concert  w/ special guest Joe Craven.

Friday, Oct 8, Chip’s House – Mooresville, NC.

Food 6:30-on/Music 8-11pm

The setting:

Imagine being surrounded by large oak trees, a crackling fire, the smell of autumn in the crisp NC air, and a running grill with plenty of food and beverages …while musical icons Freebo and Joe Craven are on a back-lit, silk-screened stage…primed and ready for live streaming to the world (and to you personally) in this magical, intimate setting.  THIS is a House Concert!  And THIS is the setting for Friday’s event!  Open to the public via RSVP, this is how it works:

This is not a private party. It IS a concert. As with all concerts, there is a small fee. $20 for this event with proceeds going to the artists.  Limited tickets available so please RSVP (info below).  This event will also be broadcast via live streaming at

With an RSVP a map will be given with directions to the event.  For obvious reasons, this will not be published unless you plan to attend.  If you decide last minute, come on over anyway!  Just contact us and we’ll give you directions (info below).

****************Rules of the House*************

  • Bring your own lawn chair/blankets (snuggies if it’s chilly)
  • There will be hot dogs, hamburgers, veggies burgers, fixins and beverages.  If you desire something special, bring it and we’ll throw it on the grill for you!!
  • Be kind and considerate always of the artists.  There will be 2 sets.  We encourage you to listen to the show.  Save your mingling to before, after and in between sets.
  • If you have children, please maintain them during the show.
  • Rain or shine.  Event moves indoors to The Man Castle – bar adjacent to the stage – for rain.  Will remain outdoors if slight drizzle.  Plan accordingly.
  • No smoking in the public area.  No animals permitted unless service animals.  Please advise in advance if you have service animals.
  • Please be considerate of the Host’s house, property or additional Host rules and regulations.  Remember always, we are guests in their home and environment.  Be respectful.
  • Mandatory for those in attendance:  A great time!

For more information, email: or call 704-968-4575 or visit

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