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Jeri Palumbo – principal

Jeri has an extensive background in the broadcast sports, entertainment and music industries.

Her past and present clients include the NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, Super Bowls, BCS Bowls, The Rose Bowl, The Stanley Cup Finals, The Final Four, The Oscars, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.  Her network affiliations include ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOXSPORTS, TURNER and many others. Jeri has a broad comprehension of those environments and their technologies.  She works with people who have risen to the top of their game.

Jeri also has a strong music and music-technology background.  She started playing piano by age 3 and by age 15 she was scoring musical charts.  Jeri attended The Juilliard School of Music in NY as a Composition/Orchestration major and within months she landed studio sessions as an orchestrator/arranger.  Always in search of a “better way” and thirsting for cutting edge technologies, Jeri broadened her scope to include recording sound engineer after exposure to the early Fairlight.

Music production led to television postproduction as a sound designer, editor (Avid), and eventually live broadcast engineer. She has over 20 years experience in live television remote production, including broadcast mixing, field audio, sound design, RF wireless technologies, and communications.  Her role as audio supervisor/mixer/engineer on the PBS bluegrass show “Songs of The Mountains”, which is still in rotation today, earned her a “Telly Award”.

Jeri organized New Orleans Animal Rescue, a pet rescue organization in Louisiana, after the devastation left by hurricane Katrina.  She lived for 5 months in New Orleans post Katrina carrying out animal rescue while pooling various media resources to campaign for needs, volunteers and supplies.  She wrote and secured Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that aired during strategic prime viewing (during such shows as The Today Show). This media exposure helped raise awareness to the seriousness of the plight in New Orleans.  Also as a result of this horrific tragedy, Jeri became involved with the Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS); a Federal Bill that passed October 6, 2006 ensuring families will never again be forced to abandon pets during a disaster.  Jeri also donated her time and expertise promoting The Richie Hayward Benefit Concert (drummer of the band Little Feat, who was fighting cancer). The Los Angeles concert included top name artists such as Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, Greg Bissonette, Danny Seraphine, Coco Montoya, Albert Lee and Jackson Browne just to name a few.  The benefit raised over $60,000 and was a huge success.

Jeri’s company Jaide Media is in a unique position to provide an umbrella of client services between the networks, advertisers, music producers and content creators.

For more information, please visit: LinkedIn/Jeripalumbo

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